CAKE Charity Events

Every Friday CAKE sells Charity Cupcakes
100% of $ you pay for the charity cupcakes goes to
of the
South Plains Food Bank

CAKE Charity Cupcakes

In January of 2010 the ladies of CAKE decided to choose one charity as our charity of choice.
Every week we get many requests for donations of cupcakes, gift cards and requests to participate in charity events.  We tried to help them all by giving a little to many.  The CAKE ladies agreed we could make a difference in our community if we choose one charity and gave them 100% of our donations.

CAKE choose KIDS CAFE as our charity of choice!
Kids Cafe is a project of the South Plains Food Bank and Community Partners
to combat childhood hunger.

Every Friday we have our "Charity Cupcakes" in our case.
100% of the price you pay for these cupcakes goes to KIDS CAFE.
We hope you will help us help feed the children by purchasing these special cupcakes!

No child should ever go to bed hungry.


The ladies of CAKE would like to thank Vangelia Perryman for writing about us on the South Plains Food Bank blog.  Please take a moment to read the story or go to:

June 2, 2010
Opening Day for KIDS CAFE summer nutritional program @ the Boys and Girls Club
CAKE brought 200 cupcakes as a treat for the Kids!
Kids Cafe will operate from more than 21 locations over the summer.
There is no summer vacation for hunger.
The South Plains Food Bank and Kids Cafe will be serving over 80,000 lunches and snacks during this summer school break.
No child should ever go to bed hungry!
Help us help feed the children of Lubbock by purchasing our Charity Cupcakes every Friday and Saturday.
100% of the purchase price goes to Kids Cafe.

From the South Plains Food Bank blog
written by: Vangelia Perryman

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let them eat CAKE. . .

Well cupcakes that is - from a bakery that specializes in cupcakes (which I guess makes it a cupcakery!) CAKE by distinctive details is located at 8201 Quaker Avenue in the Kingsgate Center - kind of tucked in the corner by Banana Republic. This cozy little cupcakery is home to the sweetest cupcakes in town. These delicious treats are made from scratch every morning using owner Linda Kay's famous - award winning - wedding cake recipes.

This artist and Texas Tech graduate has taken cupcakes to a distinctive new level. She creates a new menu every week, which she posts to her blog, and is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or until she is sold out, which happens!

While I could talk for days about the luscious coconut cupcakes, or the chocolate peanut butter heavenly cupcake I enjoyed by the fire Monday evening with a cup of coffee, or the birthday surprise cupcake I reluctantly shared with my dad on his birthday last Saturday I will stop boring you with those mouth watering details.
What I will tell you is that Linda Kay also bakes cupcakes to end hunger! That's right - every Friday  Linda Kay and her amazing staff labor over batter and frosting to help feed children across the South Plains. She calls these special cupcakes her charity cupcakes and 100% of the money - not profits - but all the money from the sale of these tasty treats goes to support our Kids Cafe program. It is a creative way to make a difference in the lives of kids, who otherwise would probably go home after school and go to bed hungry because their families do not have the money to provide an evening meal.
Every Friday you can make a difference in the lives of hungry children by treating yourself or a friend to a charity cupcake. On Friday the cupcakes are the famous Tasty Hasty - named after KFYO morning talk show guru Chad Hasty. They are a moist snickerdoodle cake with a chocolate bourbon frosting and lightly dusted with little red sprinkles. On Saturday the charity cakes are a surprise - pretty much what ever Linda Kay and her staff feel like making. Last week it was a buttery yellow cake with either a smiley face or sunflower designed with her creamy buttercream frosting.

Stop by every Friday to help Kids Cafe, but really you can't go wrong ever just popping in and visiting Linda Kay. Treat yourself anytime - she also makes some of her goodies in smaller sizes so you get all the taste with room to sample more flavors!
See ya later today at CAKE!

From the South Plains Food Bank Web site
April 21, 2010
by: Vangelia Perryman

No, really, it is that easy to find fun, creative ways for small businesses to make a big difference in the fight against hunger across the South Plains.

Linda Kay, owner of a local cupcakery – CAKE by distinctive details – is taking a bite out of hunger one cupcake at a time.

According to Linda, she and the CAKE ladies – her staff – were getting several requests weekly for donations of cupcakes, gift cards, and for participation in charity events. But Linda said that in trying to help everyone, she felt like she wasn’t really making a difference for anyone. So they all agreed that they should pick one charity in the community and give 100% of their donations to that organization.

The CAKE ladies choose Kids Cafe, the South Plains Food Bank’s free after school feeding program for children 18 and under as their charity. Kids Cafes provide children with nutritious evening meals in a safe after-school environment. The goal is to feed children at risk of hunger so they have the energy to learn and grow.

Every Tuesday through Saturday morning the ladies start baking their sweet treats long before sunrise. The gourmet little cupcakes are made using the same award-winning wedding cake recipes that put Linda Kay on the map in Houston and has continued her success here in Lubbock.

While her bakery case is filled with heavenly treats every day she is open, Friday the quaint little shop holds a special treat that not only tastes decadent, but changes children’s lives – Charity Cupcakes.

On Friday the Charity Cupcake flavor is always the same – the Tasty Hasty – named after morning talk radio personality Chad Hasty. The Tasty Hasty is a mix of Chad’s favorites, according to Linda. It is a Snickerdoodle cake with a bourbon chocolate butter cream frosting with bright red sprinkles dusted across the top. All the money from the Charity Cupcake goes to the South Plains Food Bank’s Kids Cafe Program.

“I love the idea of the Charity Cupcakes,” said Kids Cafe Program Director and Executive Chef, Tammy Hester. “Linda Kay and her staff really are making a difference. Each cupcake provides about 12 meals for children at our Kids Cafe – that’s huge for these kids. She is a great example of how small business owners can help us feed our kids.”