Monday, August 3, 2009

CAKE Daily 4!
The Diner
Moist yellow cake with real chocolate buttercream!
It's the whole eggs that make our cake "yellow", not food coloring.
Signature Triple Chocolate
Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips covered with chocolate buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate ganache!
Our CAKE signature is added to the top of the cupcake.
Birthday Surprise
Our popular white cake with a "surprise" filling each day. The real buttercream icing will be pink, or pale blue, or mint green, or maybe yellow, or even a beautiful aqua. The sprinkles on top match the surprise filling!
Red Velvet
The Southern favorite with real cream cheese buttercream icing and a sprinkle of red crystal sugar. The cream cheese icing is just like it is in your grandmothers kitchen.
All of our cupcakes are made with fresh ingredients.....real fruits, real nuts, real butter, real cream cheese, real yummy chocolate! Our buttercream icing is made fresh everyday. We do not use icing from a bucket. Be assured you are tasting the best CAKE and icing in Lubbock when you purchase a CAKE cupcake!
Thank you Lubbock for making our first month so successful!
CAKE cupcakery is not affiliated with any other cupcake shop or bakery in Lubbock or Texas. We have one family owned and operated cupcake shop in Kingsgate Center.

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