Friday, February 19, 2010

CAKE Cupcakery Charity Cupcake!
The "Tasty Hasty" will be in our case every Friday!
All proceeds from our "Tasty Hasty" cupcake will go to
Kids Cafe of the South Plains Food Bank.
The CAKE "Tasty Hasty"
$550.00 for Kids Cafe in January 2010!
The donations will continue through the year.
CAKE Cupcakery has made Kids Cafe our charity of choice.
We get many requests every day for donations of cupcakes. There is just no way we can make a difference in our community by donating a few cupcakes to so many different organizations.
So we decided it would be best if we choose one community service charity as our main focus.
The Ladies of CAKE decided "Kids Cafe"
and the children of the South Plains would benefit most.
No child should ever go to bed hungry.

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