Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cake by distinctive details
Cupcakery and Custom Cake Boutique
Grand Opening Week!
Thanks to everyone who came to our Grand Opening and the opening week of CAKE!
We were very surprised and pleased to have sooooooo many stand in line for our CAKE cupcakes on Saturday May 30, 2009! It was an amazing day.........thank you, thank you, thank you!
We offer Red Velvet, The Diner, Birthday Surprise, and our Signature Triple Chocolate every day. We then add an additional 3 flavors every day. The 3 additional flavors will rotate through our 30+ flavors.
We have found the Red Velvet Cupcake is the HOT seller our first week. This Southern cake flavor has a light chocolate taste, deep red color and our delicious homemade cream cheese icing.
The Diner Cupcake is running a close second.
The Diner is a moist yellow cake with our homemade chocolate buttercream icing.
Oh yes.......did I say our icings are made with real butter? Our icings are made with real butter, real cream, real chocolate, really great real stuff!
Signature Triple Chocolate Cupcake is our dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips, chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate ganache with CAKE written in white buttercream as the garnish!
That cupcake actually has 4 chocolates! Great!!! You get a bonus chocolate! If you love chocolate.....this is the cupcake for you. Dark, delicious, decadent, moist chocolate cake! Wow!
Birthday Surprise Cupcake is a vanilla bean cake with pink buttercream and a center filling. The surprise.....the filling flavor and the sprinkles color change every day!
Many of our gourmet style cupcakes feature fillings. Fillings in cupcakes may be unusual, but trust us.......those fillings make CAKE cupcakes the most yummy things you have ever tasted!

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  1. I must say I got to sample one of your cupcakes last weekend when a fellow scrapbooker had brought a sample box for us to try, and let me tell you I just had a hard time picking the one to try, but I got to try the lemon berry surprise one, I think that is what is called and YUMMY!!!!! I can't wait to go pick up a box of scrumtious goodness to take home for my entire family to enjoy!!!