Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cake Cupcakery
by distinctive details
Sunday AJ News Story
Please check out the cupcake story in the Sunday June 7 edition of the Lubbock AJ newspaper.
Just don't believe all the names and photos!
While we are happy about the Cupcake story, most things I told Chris when he came to our shop were attributed to the owners of PoC, the other cupcakery in Lubbock. Even a photo of me (Linda Kay) has the other owners name under it! I am sure she is not too thrilled about this either....I am a fluffy person, she is probably tall and thin!
All kidding aside.........I guess any talk about Cake cupcakery is good news, even if the names and photos are not all correct!
We believe there is room in Lubbock for multiple cupcakeries. After all, there are many donut shops and a coffee shop on every corner........we at CAKE say "GO CUPCAKES"!
There is a cupcake and cupcakery for every taste!
Have a Sweet Day

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